Building maintenance

Why “a stitch in time saves 9” is more true than ever for buildings…

Buildings are important. They are homes, offices, shops and meeting places and all are equally important whatever their age. Maintaining them and their internal workings including heating, ventilation, security and fire systems, is also important if you are to avoid long term and expensive problems in the future.

By having professionals regularly checking your building’s systems for damage can avoid any unnecessary large scale work and upheaval such as having to move out or relocate employees while the work is being done. An hour or so checking for anything wrong by experts brings peace of mind to you and will pinpoint anything that needs doing, preventing bigger problems from such things as unclean and unmaintained heating, air conditioning, water storage systems and electrics.

Why maintain?

Having internal systems operating properly in a building means a safe environment for the occupants of a building. It is important to have any systems regularly checked to make sure they are safe and running at the required levels.

What could happen if you don’t keep up maintenance?

– Electrical sources and equipment, including wiring, has to be up to safety standards at all times and tested accordingly. A breach of Health and Safety Regulations is a criminal offence and can result in the company, or an individual manager, being prosecuted. Heating systems can become ineffective if they are not serviced regularly and this may lead to inflated bills.
– Air conditioning units need regular maintenance to make sure they are safe and working properly and once a year itis recommended to clean and inspect them.
– Failed air conditioning units could become costly and compromise your workspace.
– Large central air conditioning systems and water storage systems are two of the most common places to find the legionella bacteria. Left unchecked, these systems have the potential to cause Legionnaire’s disease.

What Sotham Engineering offers

Planned preventative maintenance programmes on new and existing systems.

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