apprenticeships to the Construction Industry

How important are apprenticeships to the Construction Industry?

A thriving construction industry is often considered to be a measure of a buoyant, growing economy. The UK construction industry is a multi-billion pound business sector that deals with anything from domestic housing, energy related programmes and major national infrastructure projects.

More than two million people are employed in the construction industry – over 8% of the UK’s workforce. Industry analysts estimate that over 220,000 new construction jobs will be created in the next five years.

Future proofing the workforce

To ensure its continued survival and success, the construction industry needs to consider its future workforce. Apprenticeships can provide a way of future proofing the UK workforce and mitigating against any skills shortage in the sector.Undertaking an apprenticeship has become one of the most popular ways of entering the construction industry and developing a career.

Apprenticeships are recognised to provide a valued entry route into a career in construction. Traditional and specialist apprenticeships cover a wide and diverse range of occupations and skills, from joinery, ground-works, plant maintenance, and civil engineering to name but a few.

Developing skills, improving productivity

Apprenticeships across all industries are now being viewed in a much more positive mindset. Construction industry media reports claim that apprenticeships are meeting expectations – 86% of employers say that apprenticeships are helping them develop and improve skills relevant to their organisation. A further 78% of employers also believe that apprentices are helping to improve productivity.

Any other advantages? For the apprentices themselves, the rewards include a secure, skilled job at the end of the process. Newly acquired hands-on skills, knowledge and experience can be actively applied to both the apprentices and employers benefit.

Funding for employers

In April 2017 an apprenticeship levy was introduced as a way of funding apprenticeship programmes and initiatives. Many employers can benefit from the fund meaning that up to 90% of apprenticeship training costs can be funded by the government.

Apprenticeships at Sotham?

Sotham Engineering actively pursues and invests in a progress apprenticeship scheme which offers the opportunity for long-term career prospects within a successful, stable company. Through this scheme Sotham have employed an average of four apprentices a year for a considerable period of time, demonstrating our commitment to what we feel are the continuing value apprenticeships offer the construction industry.


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