on-site safety

How on-site safety can affect commercial performance

A workforce which feels safe and valued will no doubt work hard for the company. By investing in the safety of employees, a company will reap the rewards of a workforce who feel safe as they do their jobs whether on a construction site, in an office and everywhere in between.

Why is safety so important?

An unsafe working environment is an obvious threat to people’s wellbeing. Regulations are there to be followed, but going above and beyond these regulations gives staff even more reassurance that you take their safety seriously. Signage is an important way of alerting people to any potential dangers and these should be up to date and clear, positioned correctly and not obstructed in any way by building tools and equipment, filing cabinets and other things which may stop them from being seen.

Taking safety into account at the planning stage of a project gives people the reassurance that their safety has been considered and any possible dangers looked at. Knowing a company is investing in the safety of its workers gives them a sense of safety and encourages them to take their own safety seriously too. Offering regular training in safety to a workforce will make sure they are up to speed with changes in rules and regulations relevant to their jobs.

How safety affects profitability

Accidents and safety delays due to unsafe equipment or areas means projects can be delayed. This can have a knock-on effect as if a project isn’t finished on time, a new one might not get started on time. Even a morning’s delay can put a whole project behind schedule, incredibly frustrating when perhaps the issue could have been avoided with the right safety procedures in place. Correct safety procedures and awareness of them from management down to the shop floor can help a business to continue to run smoothly without issues, keeping production and profitability going.

A good reputation

Anyone looking for employment should certainly look at how a prospective employer deals with on-site safety. At an interview, questions should be asked about staff safety training, reporting issues and logging of accidents and near misses. Site workers, including labourers and supervisors will always want to work for a company which invests in the safety of its workforce.


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