The importance of accreditations in M&E Engineering

Ensuring clients have confidence and reassurance that a contract or project will be pursued and completed satisfactorily by skilled, qualified professional engineers is paramount for Sotham Engineering.

As a result, Sotham puts great value on accreditation for all its engineering staff and contractors. But why is accreditation so important?  Accreditation is a term used to describe a process that organisations use to confirm that strict levels of competency, skill, ability or credibility have been successfully achieved.

Industry associations and organisations

Accreditation and certification programs are implemented across a broad range of engineering associations, trade organisations, service providers and associated industries such as facilities management, electrical contracting, heating ventilation air conditioning (hvac), and health and safety. These organisations, and many others, provide a commitment to ensure and maintain standards and credibility within their respective industry sector.

Training and assessment

The accreditation programs provided by these organisation and associations are put in place to represent, support and improve the interests of businesses, contractors and clients alike. To achieve accreditation engineers will be required to undertake approved training courses, testing and assessments.

In many instances, accreditation can help save time and reduce costs because completed work can be self-certified and guaranteed, thereby negating the need for further 3rd party inspections.

Technical competence

Although many M&E engineers will often hold professional qualifications in mechanical, electrical or M&E engineering, achieving industry accreditations from recognised organisations helps Sotham maintain and develop its technical and commercial competence by having recognised skills and abilities across all sectors of the M&E construction industry.

Continued success

Sotham Engineering’s continued success and client satisfaction is built around the values of exceeding customer expectations and delivering excellence. A strong commitment to engineer and contractor accreditation is one key aspect of developing and maintaining professional recognition, high quality service and standards within a competitive industry.


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