advantages and disadvantages of BIM

Advantages and disadvantages of BIM in the construction industry

Many commercial building and construction projects are highly serviced, with many individual M&E related trades and systems that need to fit inside the building and come together at the right time and in the right place. Without adequate planning and expertise, any construction project can quickly become subject to delay and overruns, resulting in rapidly

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electric vehicles

Are electric vehicles taking off?

The question of whether electric vehicles (EV) will replace petrol and diesel vehicles now seems somewhat redundant. In 2017, the UK government announced that from 2040 the sale of new diesel and petrol vehicles in the UK will be banned, thereby putting a definitive date on a change that was expected to happen anyway. How

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Keyless entry systems

The pros and cons of keyless entry systems for commercial buildings

The original, tumbler-style door lock system was first invented in 1861 by Mr Linus Yale Junior. Over 150 years later it still remains a highly effective and affordable method of maintaining security for millions of buildings across the planet. Keyless access With the growth and development of digital technology, the use of keyless locks has

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Bird friendly building design

A look into bird friendly building design

Did you know that collisions with glass buildings is one of the biggest known killer of birds in urban areas; causing hundreds of millions of bird deaths every year? There is no distinction among the fatalities of glass strikes either – strong, healthy birds are just as likely to be victims as weaker ones. Mirror-like glass

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Vehicle to grid

What is Vehicle to Grid technology?

The sales of electric vehicles are growing. By 2025, it is estimated that electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) will account for 30% of all vehicle sales. In comparison, in 2018 just 2.2% of global automotive sales came from plug-in electric vehicles. In the UK since 2012 the sales and use of EVs has

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Changing face of energy production

The changing face of energy production

The way in which we use and consume energy is set to change in the near future. There is a considerable increase in renewable energy capacity across the globe, notably for wind and solar. This increase is likely to continue with national and international energy initiatives, and further advances and developments in renewable energy technologies.

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The importance of accreditations in M&E Engineering

Ensuring clients have confidence and reassurance that a contract or project will be pursued and completed satisfactorily by skilled, qualified professional engineers is paramount for Sotham Engineering. As a result, Sotham puts great value on accreditation for all its engineering staff and contractors. But why is accreditation so important?  Accreditation is a term used to

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apprenticeships to the Construction Industry

How important are apprenticeships to the Construction Industry?

A thriving construction industry is often considered to be a measure of a buoyant, growing economy. The UK construction industry is a multi-billion pound business sector that deals with anything from domestic housing, energy related programmes and major national infrastructure projects. More than two million people are employed in the construction industry – over 8%

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Women in construction

Why are there so few women in the construction industry?

According to the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB), women make up only around 13% of construction sector workers which, in today’s age of supposed equality, is a shockingly low figure. Jobs roles for women in this field seem to be limited to areas such as Human Resources, finance and administration… the stereotypical pen pusher and

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Reducing carbon footprint fr large buildings

5 ways to reduce the carbon footprint of a large building

Green credentials have never been more important for businesses. Showing that you’re doing your bit for the environment gives people reassurance that you are not just thinking about profits – whatever the cost to the planet. What is a building’s carbon footprint? In simple terms, a building’s carbon footprint is the amount of CO2 it

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