Keyless entry systems

The pros and cons of keyless entry systems for commercial buildings

The original, tumbler-style door lock system was first invented in 1861 by Mr Linus Yale Junior. Over 150 years later it still remains a highly effective and affordable method of maintaining security for millions of buildings across the planet.

Keyless access

With the growth and development of digital technology, the use of keyless locks has become increasingly common. Available in a variety of forms, access can be gained with pin pads, key cards, electromagnetic fobs, fingerprint recognition and facial recognition. Some hotels have now started providing digital keys on smartphones.

As with any technology there are benefits, but also some drawbacks. Here are some pro and cons of keyless entry systems:


  • No more lost keys or management key holders.
  • One-time access can be enabled for specific visitors, maintenance or trade access.
  • Monitoring of all access to and from the building. Keyless systems allow specific codes and digital keys to be assigned to each user, this can facilitate tracking of all access movements.
  • Harder to break or decipher a digital lock, especially when access is granted via fingerprint or facial recognition – unfortunately, unscrupulous hackers will still try.
  • Central security seems can be controlled via a tablet or phone, even out of vicinity of the site.


  • Cost can be prohibitive. Keyless systems can be expensive to install – some buildings have installed them in stages: common doors have keyless entry, but individual, private doors retain traditional locks.
  • A power failure can cause some issues with keyless systems. Any system that requires electricity or a wireless network to operate correctly will need a backup power source.
  • You must ensure the software that manages the keyless entry or security system is compatible with other facilities management software.


Building management and security

A digital keyless entry system can offer many advantages for commercial property. It is important, however to ensure that if a keyless entry system is to be used or specified on a commercial building that it is fully integrated within any security and building management systems.

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